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Each statement below lists an important person who makes a difference in a mother's breastfeeding experience.
Did you know...

Bullet Fathers can play a key role in bolstering their breastfeeding partner’s confidence by acknowledging their efforts, offering words of encouragement, or contacting a La Leche League Leader for support.

Bullet La Leche League Leaders provide women with accurate information, support, and encouragement—which often increase breastfeeding duration and contribute to healthier infants.

Bullet Health care professionals who promote and support breastfeeding contribute to a successful nursing experience for mothers and babies.

Bullet Employers who support breastfeeding in the workplace save money because breastfeeding employees miss less work. Companies experience higher staff retention and lower health care and insurance costs. Breastfeeding just makes good business sense!

Your gift will ensure families worldwide receive the breastfeeding information
and support they need for lifelong health benefits to mother and baby.

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