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Breastfeeding Answers from La Leche League

Welcome! Here you will find answers to your breastfeeding and parenting questions, drawn from the various resources on our site, conveniently grouped by topic. Resources come from New Beginnings (our publication for parents), Leaven (our publication for our volunteer Leaders), Breastfeeding Abstracts (our publication for professionals), our Frequently Asked Questions collection, and our podcasts.

Note that these documents are for personal use only. Please do not reprint these items or distribute them further without written permission from La Leche League International.

General Breastfeeding Topics

Proper Positioning and Latch
The Early Weeks
(getting nursing off to a good start, and nursing a newborn)
Benefits of Breastfeeding
Rewards of Breastfeeding
Frequently Asked Questions
Book Reviews from Leaven and New Beginnings

Maternal Breastfeeding Issues

Infant/Child Breastfeeding Issues

Other Breastfeeding Issues

Family Issues

La Leche League Topics

LLLI Publications

  • New Beginnings (The LLLI publication for members)
  • Leaven (The LLLI publication for La Leche League Leaders -- contains many excellent research-based breastfeeding articles)
  • Breastfeeding Abstracts (Collection of scholarly articles from the LLLI quarterly review of breastfeeding research)

Is Your Concern or Question Not Covered Here?

Please contact a local La Leche League Leader with your specific questions, or ask an LLL Leader through our breastfeeding Help Form. Medical questions and legal questions should be directed to appropriate health care and legal professionals.

You may also order your own copies of helpful pamphlets and books, as well as subscriptions to New Beginnings, through your local LLL Group or directly from the LLLI Online Store.

Want to subscribe to New Beginnings? You can either join LLL and get it as a membership benefit, or call 847-519-9585 to subscribe.To read more New Beginnings articles, visit our Index of New Beginnings Articles (by year and issue)

Contribute to New Beginnings

Do you have a breastfeeding story you would like to share with other parents? It is easy to contribute to New Beginnings! Here are the instructions.

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